Create a Website That Self-Destructs When Google Indexes It

198969-paranoidni-teorie-spolecenstvi-nemu-7699412718481904316 deep-web the-dark-web-3-638You know we’re dealing with something unusual when we write about a site that we can’t actually link to anymore. Unindexed was an experiment byMatthew Rothberg that created a website which continuously searched Google for itself.

When the site finally discovered itself in the search results, it was permanently deleted. That happened on February 24.

Screen Shot 2015 03 09 at 09.26.30 e1425893254802 Heres how you create a website that self destructs when Google indexes itRotherberg describes Unindexed as “an experiment in the nature of ephemerality and persistence on the Web.” The link to the Uninvited site was shared by word of mouth and postal mail initially.

Visitors were encouraged to contribute posts to the site and share the link with others but warned that how they spread it would effect how quickly Google’s search bots discovered it.

Unindexed survived for 22 days before being indexed and deleted. However, if you want to build you own self-destructing site, Rothberg has shared the code on GitHub.


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