Apple releases ‘noteworthy’ update to Swift programming language, new Xcode beta

0711_swift_apple_wwdc-798x310Even though Apple hasn’t shipped iOS 8.2 yet, the company today made available iOS 8.3 beta to developers. The update comes alongside a new build of Xcode which includes a number of changes to the Swift programming language.

In a post to Apple’s Swift blog today, the company said that the Xcode release brings a “enhanced Swift compiler” along with new features like incremental code builds, faster executables, better diagnostics and a number of stability improvements.

On the Swift side of things, there are a number of changes to the language which are meant to ensure “safe and predictable behavior” and to “improve interaction between Swift and Objective-C.”

Apple notes the changes include “source-incompatible” changes, which means developers will need to update their code, but the new version of Xcode includes a migrator to help with the process.

iOS 8.3 also reportedly includes support for Google accounts with two-factor enabled.

Registered developers can download the preview builds of Xcode and iOS 8.3 from the Apple Developer center.


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