CES 2015: LG Display shows off transparent LCD and curved plastic OLED screens

LG Display’s transparent LCD and bendable plastic OLED display highlight advances in display technology.

Along with a host of new TV panels, LG Display showed off two more business-focused products at CES 2015–a transparent LCD and plastic OLED display.

The 55-inch transparent Full HD LCD display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 17 percent transparency (compared to last year’s model which had only 10 percent transparency). The display is touch sensitive and designed for a variety of digital signage and retail applications.

Along with the transparent LCD, LG Display also showed us their Plastic OLED screens. These screens are used in the curved LG G Flex 2 smartphone, announced at CES 2015. The AM-OLED screen offers Full HD resolution (1080×1920) at 403 PPI. The actual display is super thin only .5mm thick (without the glass cover or touchscreen).

Although the LG G Flex 2 only has a 23 degree arc, LG Display’s Plastic OLED screens can bend much further. In fact, it’s not the display that’s keeping your phone and other screen-laden gadgets from bending like a piece of paper; it’s the other components, such as the circuit boards and batteries.

Although LG Display panels are most often found in products from LG Electronics, which owns 38 percent of LG Display, their displays are also used in products from a variety of other companies such as Sony and Apple.


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