6 Google Fun Tricks That You’d Love to Know

Internet is Google and Google is Internet for many of us. You use Google everyday but you will not be knowing some tricks, funny searches and games that Google provides hidden behind its vast layers of database.

1. Do a barrel roll trick:


Go to Google.com and simply type in the search box “do a barrel roll” and see the magic . The page will rotate two times.

2. Atari Breakout Trick:

Go to Google images and type “Atari Breakout”. The images will be transformed into blocks and you can play Breakout,classic arcade game of the 70’s era.

3. Tilt page trick:

Search for “tilt” on Google and see how your page tilts a little .

4. Recursion trick:

Search for “recursion” on Google and you will get stuck in an infinite loop much like recursion . Recursion means repeating. Google will show “did you mean recursion?” every time  searching for recursion . It is a fun act of Google for all the geeks who understand what is recursion.

5. Google Gravity:


Type in “Google Gravity ” in their homepage and then click on the “I’ m feeling lucky” button. It will redirect you to one of the fun projects called “Google Gravity”. It is a Chrome Experiment done by Hi-Res. See how gravity bring Google to its knees. You can even search anything.

6. Zerg Rush:


When you type “zerg rush” in Google .The ‘o’ and ‘o’ of Google appears from the top and the right of the Google page and slowly eats up the whole page leaving nothing . Its fun to watch.

7. Bonus: elgoog.im

A rotated version of Google.com, kind of google tricks. Provides you with a reversed Google site, known as Google backwards. You can also do surfing on elgoog.im, it’s fun.


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