Glow headphones will beam light, pulse to your heartbeat

Headphones are always getting smarter, and now they’re getting brighter, too.

A new set of earbuds called Glow ($127) lets you sync with your smartphone and track your heart rate, with one illuminating differentiator: wires that glow with the light from a laser. The headphones pulse to the beat of your heart and music.Glow GlowHeadphones

Glow, which is already picking up major traction on crowdsourcing site Kickstarter, shines for over eight hours on a charge and comes in red, green or blue.

The project has already reached its $100,000 goal, meaning early backers will receive their illuminating earpieces as early as July, if the company is able to manufacture them in time. The team says it needs to hit higher goals on Kickstarter to ensure features like the heart rate monitor.


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